Meeting the Unique Needs of the

Disability Community 

Specialized and experienced in serving the psychological needs of adults living with disabilities and their caregivers. 

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Our practice is highly skilled and trained in assessing, diagnosing and treating individuals living with a dual diagnosis including mental health needs and ID/DD.  People living with this dual diagnosis  lead complex lives with unique social and emotional needs.  Our practice is prepared to meet your needs with over 10 years of experience specializing in this area. 

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Family and Caregiver Support

If you are a parent, sibling or loved one of a person living with a disability know that our practice understands the complexity of these relationships and can support you in your own journey of fulfillment and personal satisfaction.  We understand the duality of love for the person in your life and guilt about wanting to achieve your own personal satisfaction.  Living Mindfully is here to support you on this journey.