Christine Soriano LCSW

I'm a clinical psychotherapist that works with people overwhelmed and confused about how to move forward in their lives in a meaningful way.    My specialization is in working with adults in their 20's and 30's living with anxiety and depression. Together we will use the tools of mindfulness and self compassion to alleviate the discomfort you live with.  

Areas of Expertise

Individual Psychotherapy
Chronic Anxiety & Depression
Individuals with Disabilities and Caregivers

Christine is the owner and primary therapist at this practice.  She studied at University of Scranton and received a graduate degree from New York University. She has many years of experience serving clients in her therapy practice and in positions at leading non-profits.  She is committed to her ongoing education and works to professionally grow so she can best serve her clients.  

Christine's aim is to provide clients with a warm, empathic and interactive environment where together you can explore, with purpose, where you find yourself at in this moment, what factors brought your here and how to take meaningful action to move forward to the person you want to be.  Christine utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which is a modality that is built on the foundations of self-compassion, mindfulness and living a meaningful life guided by what is important to you.

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Contact Me

If you are interested in services or learning more, please feel free to reach out.  I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

I am licensed in and providing virtual sessions to residents of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania 

Due to COVID, all appointments continue to be virtual and serviced through a secure telehealth platform.

Tel: 484-588-2988

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